Little Miss Excuses

When he was little, my son was so into the Little Mr and Miss books that he had some pins for Mr. Messy, Miss Naughty, and the others. He would let me wear Little Miss Chatterbox while I was teaching sometimes.


This week I’ve earned my Little Miss Excuses badge. And I’ve come up with a lot of them! It all started when I weighed myself and had a Moment Of Truth. I’ve gained 15 pounds since my foot surgery 6 months ago. It was kind of obvious when I couldn’t quite get my skinny pants on that I bought last summer.

That was when the excuses started: I’m hypothyroid and my metabolism sucks. I’m just bloating. I’ve started a new job that requires me to sit at my desk a lot. It’s a gazillion degrees out. I can’t run because my ankle is still screwed up. I’m on a 3 week menstrual cycle (which is a big invitation to Little Miss Crabby and Little Miss Crybaby to hop on the bandwagon.) I eat well and still gain weight. I had to save money this summer so I didn’t renew my gym pass and just got a summer swim pass. All my exercise buddies are in fun and exotic places and have left me in hilly and humid Iowa. The list goes on and on…

HALT! There are two simple ways to bade Little Miss Excuses farewell. Well, two that I’ve come up with:

1. Eat less (and better).

2. Exercise more.

It’s as easy as that. I earned those skinny pants last summer by getting up at 6 and riding my bike for 1 to 2 hours before breakfast, and then swimming later in the day. Swimming for an hour. Or running a 5k after I got off my bike.

People who hadn’t seen me for a while wanted to know my secret to looking so good. It would be so wonderful to tell them it was raspberry ketones, or green tea, or insert a blank here. But it was just me, motivating myself, having fun and feeling the satisfaction of growing stronger every workout.

Frankly, I do eat well. I eat low-carb kind of naturally as I eat gluten free and GF carbs are expensive. I prepare my own meals. I eat small low fat snacks during the day. However, I’ve been slacking on the exercise routine. I’ve been only doing 20 laps in the pool, walking my dog every other day (at best) and not doing push ups or any weights. I am a product of my own excuses.

So, Little Miss Excuses is going to make a grand exit this week. Today I swam 30 laps at the pool and I’ve started a push-up challenge with myself. Next time I’ll swim an hour instead of 40 minutes. I’ll take my bike for a whirl tomorrow and see how my ankle does on an hour-long ride.

It’s easy to let her into my life, that Little Miss Excuses. But she’s not invincible. Little Miss Sunshine is a lot more fun to live with, and she’s going to be tomorrow’s pin. I promise!

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