Little Miss Excuses…on her way out

This week I did try hard. Or TRI hard as many folks like to say. I did up the ante. Not enough, but there was effort.

In spite of my efforts to reverse the downward spiral towards couch-living, the universe tried to thwart my exercise routine and bring back Little Miss Excuses.

Monday was the Flat Tire.

I had a premonition. I filled my tires before leaving. I turned around at the top of my hill and came back and put more air in. But, I am a newbie to cycling. I didn’t put enough in. About 10 miles from home, I blew my back tire. I sat down in the already 90 something heat and thought how dumb it was that I had a tube but no CO2. And that I didn’t know how to use CO2, in any case. I started calling my cycling buddies. First, my cycling go-to buddy Matt who knows all about biking. He didn’t answer right away and I figured he was two-wheeling it into work. Then future Ironman cellist, Tony, who I thought was probably on his way home from teaching a summer music camp in Wisconsin. As I was pouring out my woes to my friend Sue who I had forgotten can’t drive temporarily, I got a text that Matt was On His Way. I have never been happier.

The next night Matt set up a mini-bike clinic just for moi. I removed my front tire and changed the tube. I removed my back tire and changed the tube after he showed me how to patch it. He showed my what not to do with CO2 so it won’t blow up and I won’t be left with zero oxygen out in Timbuktu. We watched Le Tour. We ate GF pizza (or I did) from Dominos (Who would have thought they would make gluten-free??). It was epic, and I came away feeling Empowered and Ready.

The other days were uneventful. Some swimming (more and more), not much on the 4th. Thursday I had to kick my bottom to the pool as I was going out the door to teach. I had limited time, but figured it was better than no swim. There was The Guy in the pool. The Guy that does not swim straight. He has no awareness of the black lines at the bottom. I was swimming at our local outdoor pool, with no lane markers. I kind of like this as it creates turbulence similar to triathlons. But the Drifter was a challenge.

Then, just as I was removing my swim cap and goggles, I heard it. An announcement came over the loudspeaker: “Please clear the pool so that we can remove fecal matter. The pool will be closed for 30 minutes.”

I wanted to spit up everything in my lungs. I ran to the shower and scrubbed away, praying that they had dumped extra chlorine in the pool. New resolution: Only swim during official lap swim times when there are no toddlers or people with Depends. I think.

This morning I thought I would get up and ride at 6 before the temps hit 100 as promised. I failed, mostly because I decided to read and play online Scrabble way past my bed time. A girl has to find her entertainment where she can. I did take my dog for a long, brisk walk, but after mile 2 her tongue was touching her paws and I decided it was time to find water. Walking seems so slow compared to running, but I’m definitely shedding water weight and getting my legs ready to run if my ankle ever thinks that should happen.

Tonight I had a great bike ride. I always feel exuberant when I zoom down a hill, or make it up a hard one without keeling over. Other cyclists always nod to me or give me a short wave, and I love the camaraderie. Mostly I love the fact that Little Miss Excuses is on her way out and I’m on way back to being strong and happy.

Here’s the lowdown for this week, direct from MapMyRun (or Map My Ass, as I like to call it). Let’s see if I can double it next week:

Total mi / Steps
Total Time


Total Hours
Total Workouts


Total Energy


Total Calories
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
30.06 mi
(Good Job!)
0 mi
0 mi
(No Change)
0 mi
(No Change)
0 mi
(No Change)
Indoor 0.85
Bike 8
Walk 2.53
Indoor 0.37
Walk 2.07
Indoor 1.14
Bike 15.1

View Your Lifetime Stats

Date Type Name Distance Duration Pace Speed Calories Steps Edit
07/06/2012 Walk 2.07 mi Dog Walk in Iowa City on Jul 6, 2012 8:24 AM 2.07 0:41:44 20:08 2.98 126 Edit
07/06/2012 Bike Ride Black Diamond out and back 15.1 1:00:00 3:58 15.1 610 Edit
07/05/2012 Indoor Swim Swim 0.37 0:20:00 54:09 1.11 138 Edit
07/03/2012 Walk 2.53 mi Dog Walk in Iowa City on Jul 3, 2012 7:52 AM 2.53 0:54:25 21:28 2.79 166 Edit
07/03/2012 Indoor Swim 1.14 0:50:00 44:00 1.36 345 Edit
07/02/2012 Bike Ride 8mi Bike Ride – Road Cycling on Jul 2, 2012 8 0:30:00 3:45 16 319 Edit
07/01/2012 Indoor Swim Swim 0.85 0:40:00 46:55 1.28 275 Edit

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