Running with Rose

There are a couple things I like to run with. My phone, my dog, and sometimes a friend.

Today my friend and I had a mix-up so it was just Rose (dog pal), my IPhone, and I. I have my phone on me partially for security reasons, but also to track my time/distance with a program called Runkeeper. Runkeeper then uploads my workout to another app called GymPact. If I meet my weekly pact either at the gym, pool, running or biking for at least a half-hour each session, I make some small change. I save that up and buy myself new gear. It’s very cool and a good incentive to get going when I feel like lying around. Try it, it works! You actually get paid to work out (unless you screw up and don’t make your pact.)

Today Rose and I had a new mission as part of my Running Recovery Program: Run 10 mins, walk 5 and repeat. It sounds wimpy, but since my ankle has not been cooperating ever since my operation Dec. 14, 2011, this is a huge deal. It actually felt like running (except the walking part). I have to remind myself to keep it slow, so I’m not pushing an 11 min/mile pace while running, as tempting as it can be.

I even had to remind Rose to actually run a few times today when she stopped to check her Peemail. Back in the day, she was my pacer before I got a “smartphone.” At first Rose just trotted, but as I got faster she would “lope.” I’ve never seen her run like the wind with me like she does when she tears around the dog park, but I’ve never gotten much faster than a 29-min 5k because of my ankle issues.

Today we had an encounter. Rose met a dog that came tearing towards us barking his cute little pug face off. I yelled to the woman that my dog was “not friendly on leash” and then I met concrete when I tried to avoid both His Barkiness and an iron fence that was around some outdoor seating at Starbucks.

The result was some lovely immediate bruising, a small tear in my fancy running tights (along a little road rash on my knee)and a smarting pain in my left wrist. I feel lucky as a cellist that I struck the sidewalk on the cushy part of my arm and didn’t break my left wrist, which could cost me weeks of work if I couldn’t play in local symphonies. I got up and kept going, totally embarrassed both by my fall and by the fact that I have to yell at people that my dog is not friendly. She really is, but just not on leash when she thinks we are being attacked by small dog missiles.

We did get some happy smiles on our run since Rose has a funny mutt beard and her tongue was sticking out all the way down to the pavement. Or maybe they were smiling because I was all red-faced and sounded like Darth Vader.

The happy thing is, my wrist hurts more than my ankle, which I am icing only as a precaution, but not because I’m in pain. I haven’t gone more than 2.5 miles doing my running recovery program, but I hope to participate in a fundraiser for our local schools on Oct.14, Run for the Schools. That day, Rose will stay home and avoid the crowds, and I hope to celebrate with any of my friends that run that day by heading out for brunch afterwards.

Here’s to my bearded lady and all of our adventures!


3 Replies to “Running with Rose”

    1. You are right, Blake! I actually always use a gentle leader with her as the lab in her likes to pull, but that day I had forgotten it at home and had her on a retractable leash (but short). The other dog, however, was on a retractable leash and the owner didn’t have the common sense to block it when her dog took off after us, and then we had no room on a tight sidewalk! Gentle leaders are the best–safe, humane and make running a lot easier with a medium to big dog! She can still breathe through it, drool and do everything she needs to, but gets a quick reminder if she starts pulling.

  1. I know a lot of dogs (mine included) that don’t appreciate when other dogs run up to them without following the proper rules of dog engagement.

    That’s why you should never, ever let your dog approach another dog without permission from the owner! They could get bit!

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