The Tipping Point

I’ve been really stressed out, so to make worse things worse, I finally got around to weighing myself.

It wasn’t pretty. Influenced by one of my favorite and very funny blogs,, I joined LoseIt. I’m now counting calories and logging exercise.

And do you know what?Last night after dinner I was 400 calories under what I needed to eat to to lose 30 pounds by my goal: July 18. That’s at 1600 calories a day. Of course, I thought about eating some chocolate or macaroons, or just leaving it at that and going to bed.

But I went and pulled a Chobani out of the fridge and then ate some fresh watermelon. All because a nutritionist once told me if you eat too few calories your metabolism just shuts down. It goes into starvation mode. My metabolism has enough issues as it is since I’ve got hypothyroidism, so I decided I need to jump start it a little.

We’ll see.

Grapefruit salad.
Grapefruit salad.

Today on the way to the gym I was having a little pity-party about the fact that I haven’t had a vacation since my divorce. I’ve had a few days with my son at our family lake home, which is frankly paradise, but I’ve never just had a real get-away. This has been solely for financial reasons; first I was a grad student struggling to balance motherhood with school, and now I’m a single mom trying to work several part-time jobs.

I thought about it, and then thought: Why don’t I reward myself every time I workout? $1 for every workout. These need to be significant 30 minute workouts, not just vacuuming the stairs.

ImageSo today I started a tip jar. I’m tipping myself. I put $3 in today because I rode the exercise bike for an hour, then lifted weights, and when I came home I took my dog for a 1.5 mile walk. Yay me! Yay future vacation….anyone else in? Girls night in the Virgin Islands??


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