It’s a balmy 45 degrees in Iowa today. Usually at this time of year we Iowans would be pushing through several feet of snow or navigating icy sidewalks and dirty slush.

But today it’s gorgeous out and I took Rose for a little 2.5 mile easy jog. My ankle’s been acting up this week so we took it easy. I’ve had a varied workout regime, including yoga on Sunday (very peaceful and my son and I only got the giggles once), a beginning ballet class for parents of the student’s in my son’s school (I only accepted because there were no hidden cameras or enforcement of the leotard dress code), a weight-lifting/biking combo on Wed, a half-hour dog-walk yesterday and this. Although I’m certainly not pushing myself, I’ve had three-hour opera rehearsals every night from 7:30-10:30 on top of my normal teaching load and getting up at 6 to take my son to school. And the ballet class resulted in killer thigh and butt pain–ouch! My son makes it look so simple.

Today felt wonderful. I looked really silly in my braids and my Oxbow headband, but I don’t care. I looked even worse after the run because I flush when I exercise. We are talking bright red. My doctor called it some type of flushing syndrome–carcinoid syndrome, to be precise. This is not to be confused with my son’s flushing syndrome (he doesn’t and leaves nice surprises for me in the bathroom.)

You can tell right away if I’ve eaten tomatoes, drunk red wine, run three miles or had some grown-up fun. It’s literally all over my face.

Here is a post-run pic of a happy but goofy me!Image

If it’s nice in your neck of the woods, don’t hesitate. Get out there and get red!


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