Hope is here

First flowers I’ve seen in ages
Only a week ago out back!

It’s been a long, harsh winter in Iowa. This is fairly normal, but it always makes spring seem so welcome. Friday night a first year student at the small private college where I teach took his life. He’s left a lot of people wondering what they could have done, how they could have known and why someone could be so desperate that they would commit such an act.

Rose loves lunch on the deck. Or maybe just lunch, period.

In many religions, it’s been  a week of ritual, of sacrifice, of reflection. Sometimes great pain and suffering leaves peace and harmony in its wake.

Instead of dwelling on what could have been or what ultimately should have been said,

it’s time to focus on the wonderfully small things that give hope and promise in the spring:

Mom’s old bike is a new project.

Sunlit runs, skirts and bare legs, cold Chardonnay and giggles with friends. Cherry blossoms, blue sky and spring recitals.

Open windows, Zouk-dancing cleaning house and outdoor concerts.

Haircut au naturale, with not much styling

Some hair may have gotten chopped in the name of renewal. It’s time to up the ante and enjoy life: who’s with me?


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