Upwards bound

It’s a gorgeous day in Iowa. I have marinated chicken thighs on the grill and my favorite edamame/mango/avocado/corn salad on the way.


Mother Nature sent gentle temperatures in the 60s and no wind or rain. Today I feel uplifted and am realizing how much weather really does affect my mood.

This morning I watched my son’s private ballet lesson with a former Houston ballet male dancer and was amazed by how much time he was in the air–literally flying. Of course, this takes incredible thigh muscles and core strength, but as I watched him jump over and over again it struck me how light the human body can appear. I watched him do something that is fairly new technique for him, but with determination he tackled it over and over again. I was so proud to watch him fly.


Later some of his “hard-core” ballet friends came over to do some Pilates DVDs and go for a run. Although these kids spend hours a week in dance studios, their cardio stamina is not where it could/should be. They were troopers and set off on a run with Rose and I. I told them to walk after 5 minutes and no one complained, but when I urged them to pick it up again I heard my son mutter, “See, I told you my mom was fast.” I started laughing and said that I was pretty slow but they were making me slower.

They were all excited about doing a 1.66 mile run/walk and Rose and I did an extra mile for good measure. They got back at me by subjecting me to a 30 minute Pilate ab DVD. I’m sure I won’t be able to walk tomorrow. Or sit up.

But maybe I’ll fly!


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