Upside Down, the world is turning me…

Today it was almost 75, warm and sunny. The daffodils are opening and I have bluebells and little yellow crocuses nodding their heads at me when I go out my front door.

I felt self-indulgent when I ran again today instead of heading to the pool. “You might screw up your ankle by not taking a day off,” my good angel said. “But it’s SO nice out and you won’t have to drive all the way to the pool,” said another voice in my head.

And I’m glad I ran, because look what’s heading our way (with apologies to all of you in Denver who already know this!):

Check out Thursday

Yikes. Today 75, and by Thursday a possibility of snow, especially where I teach 30 miles north of here.


The pool can wait until Wednesday. I may even just sit in the hot tub and pout. Whining is allowed in Iowa–a place to grow–but also a place of bipolar weather. Just when we thought spring was finally here….


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