Monday Muffins: Strawberry whole grain GF

Strawberry whole grain gluten free muffins

Spring means strawberries are cheaper! I got a LOT at Costco last week. They are not perfect and need a lot of enhancement (lemon juice, sugar), but I thought they would do well in muffins.

After perusing a lot of GF sites on the internet, I came back to my favorite:  I liked the idea of not using Xanthan gum in these. I went to the store because I was out of sorghum flour, and balked at buying almond or hazelnut flour as they were so expensive. I did get coconut flour.

I know to not use replacements if you want your GF recipes to turn out! Different flours can really ruin the taste and texture. But I did for financial reasons. I just used more sorghum which is a sweeter flour instead of the hazelnut. I would love to try it with that flour someday, though!

So many choices!

The result was lovely! After going for a run I decided they needed a little smidgen of something to compliment their nice springy texture. They are sweet and slightly grainy, which I thought would go great with some different spreads I have. But the decision was hard! I went with the “healthy” Nutella-type spread from Trader Joe’s as I just needed the cocoa kick post-run, but the chestnut paste from France was next on my list. I may have to sample that later!

I definitely enjoyed this recipe and  loved the fact that the muffins are flavored with maple syrup. I don’t use much white sugar and almost never bake with butter any more. Living in Southern France taught me that yes, olive oil tastes delicious in cakes and makes for a light, moist texture.

Here is the link to the original blog post on Please read her directions carefully and enjoy her wonderful recipes!

Happy Monday, everyone! Go get some sunshine or, if you’re snowed in, bake!!

Me and my muffins

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