Monday Muffin EPIC FAIL: Dark Chocolate

It’s been a long week. The cold/cough virus that’s been circulating among my students and family finally took over my body.

The bright side of this is that I wasn’t having asthma or just being lame when I dry-heaved running last Sunday; my lungs were full of gunk. The low side is that it was not only incredibly annoying to have to cancel lots of private lessons last week, but also depressing.

When the body can’t move, the mind starts to falter. Depression takes over. I may be a little addicted to exercise, but I think anyone who has been confined to bed for several days knows the hopeless, weak self-pity that surfaces. I was happy when the illness lifted enough for me to make it to a grueling recording session Saturday for Orchestra Iowa and an outreach concert to a rural Iowa town on Sunday.

I’m out of bed! I’m ready for a new week. I’m still coughing so I will not run for another few days to avoid more lung failure/dry-heaving episodes. Asthma makes this even trickier when you have an upper-respiratory infection.

Besides body failure, I had a major baking fail today.

I thought I would make some lovely chocolate vegan muffins to get my son through a highly stressful week: he has tech rehearsals every night for his dance performance next weekend and is at the theater from 4:30-9:30 every night. I know that chocolate aids in muscle recovery and these seemed super healthy.

Muffin fail!

Except, I failed. Completely. I forgot to add canola oil! I was pretty distracted by a Pearson project I’m scoring and was making muffins in a hurry. Mistake no. 1. I also put some big chunks of chocolate on top which sunk to the bottom and stuck to the pan. Mistake no.2 (make those bits smaller).

They are deliciously crumbly chocolate brownie type delicacies, but muffins they are not. They will not stay in muffin form. They probably won’t last long at all. I don’t know what to do with the mess that they are: put it in bags? freeze the crumbs to put on frozen yogurt this summer? pitch it? (nah, we like chocolate too much in this household.)

Any suggestions are welcome.

All I know is, my sense of humor is back so I must be feeling better. I just started laughing like a crazy woman as I tried to get these out of the muffin pans.

Just like in my training fails, I’ll pick myself up and get on the bike, figuratively. I’ll be back with some better muffins next week! I don’t think it’s worth insulting the author of these muffins with posting her recipe (which promises to be good if I adhere to it.) To be continued…


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