Blueberry Muffins and the Poison Ivy Girl

I’ve known I was allergic to poison ivy ever since I went to Camp Hitaga in 2nd grade. I was a good little Camp Fire Girl and wore a blindfold on a nature hike and dutifully laid down when asked to contemplate nature sounds. Laid down in a huge patch of poison ivy. I still remember the discomfort and panic taking over in the middle of the night on my lonely top bunk bed. Scratch itch scratch. I woke up to a huge rash all over both arms and legs. By the end of the week they had me bandaged up like a mummy and all the other girls would run away, pointing their fingers at me and yelling, “That’s the poison ivy girl!” All but my friend Karin who had a lot more sense than anyone else her age (and could always spot about five four-leaf clovers in the field near our houses), who stood by me all week and kept me from being completely homesick. You need those friends in life.

The Poison Ivy girl made an appearance this week following a gardening/mowing stint in my back yard. For once, I wore gloves, but was too reticent to wear long sleeves in the hot, Iowa humidity. Now I am adorned with blistering, itchy patches on my wrists, legs, ankles, stomach, and more recently cheek and ear. I’ve done everything to not itch it–bandaged it up, put Benadryl gel and Calamine and cortisone spray on it, sat on my hands, you name it! I’ve taken antihistamine around the clock and it’s still about as gross as it gets. A fellow dance mom/MD took pity on me at my son’s dance recital and prescribed some prednisone so I don’t get the darn stuff in  my eyes or just lose it from itchiness.

Ah, Prednisone. The wonder drug that makes me completely bezerk. I’ve been on it several times for asthma and once two summers ago for another case of p.i. I’m ready for some sleepness nights. Maybe it will clear up my lingering chest cough and give me amazing boosts of energy in my workouts. Usually I get a lot of house cleaning done as I have SO much energy! It’s a little frightening to some of my close friends.

This was not the case on my run today. I took another week off last week since I was still coughing a lot and spent a lot of my time being a Dance Mom (being a ballet mom is nothing like the reality tv show, but it does involve lots of packing lunches/dinners, driving, filming my son who likes to self-critique, and being at every show as I love every minute!).

But, I did it! 30 mins of walk running and some awful chest heaving. Just wait until tomorrow when the prednisone really kicks in! 🙂 I’ve vowed to get back to my push-ups and planks, and you are all witnesses. No more excuses.

Blueberry muffins, from the Gluten Free Goddess.

Today’s muffins were just lovely blueberry. I put in a little too much coconut flour (substituting it for hazelnut which I’ve never found here), but they are sweet and yummy. They are kind of a lumpy, thick batter that yeilds something like bran muffins, which I miss dearly.

My official taster (son) is holding off until his flouride treatment wears off. We just had a trip to the dentist and found out that he has an extra adult tooth growing in that wasn’t apparent on his xrays six years ago–very rare, according to his pediatric dentist. I suggested we just have it pulled with his wisdom teeth and the dentist loved that idea. I always knew he was a unique kid!


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