Finally the weather is perfect in Iowa; 70s, sunny and a light 10 mph wind. My old (yet younger than I) running buddy and I had talked about going for a bike ride today, but I started making tons of excuses yesterday.

All of them valid, of course. First, I was having trouble getting air into my tires as I had been really bad to my trusty ride and left it sitting in my garage all winter. The tires were completely flat, and my hand pump just wasn’t working. Of course, it would have been a lot easier if I’d remembered that I needed to unscrew the Presta valve. Ha. As my friend said this morning, “The funny thing is that you do these things, but you’re so smart. That’s why it’s so funny!”

Sometimes I wonder how I get through life on a daily basis. You know, get clothed, fed and start my car. But I eventually figured it out (the thingamajig on the Presta valve) after borrowing my friend’s floor pump and getting all bikes in the house (mountain, hybrid, mom’s old clunker) ready for some spring action. Just in time for a rainy, windy weekend!

I was still a little nervous that we’d get 10 miles out and I’d discover a slow leak since I haven’t ridden yet this year. That would be my luck. But it would just be par for the course; a little bike adventure to chalk up there.

However, I was fighting some other battles. My poison ivy rashes are MUCH worse. I went in Wednesday and got some cortisone cream prescribed, but the worst parts of it stretch all over my left side; stomach, groin, leg, and even my bra-line. Not cool. Any clothing, especially undies, rubs and irritates it.

I’m not ready for a nudist cycling club yet. I don’t think I ever will be. I thought maybe it would feel good to be in cycling shorts “Commando” style, but the close-fitting lycra was really irritating my p.i. just walking around my house. So, I lamely called my friend and suggested we run instead. Running gear tends to be a little less tight (or the kind I wear is) and I thought I could “deal” for at least 5k.

Running buddy Katie thought that might be ok but let me know that she was a little under the weather because of a big party the night before. I told her that would give her the perfect handicap; after abandoning me to my gimpy ankle a few years ago she continued to build as a runner, first finishing a half-marathon and now two marathons! I’m really quite proud of her and my modest beginnings at her side.

So, this was really the first time we’ve gotten to run together in a few years. It was really nice to have a person and not just a dog to run with, even though I’m not good at conversation while running. I get really out of breath. So Buddy Katie just talks at me. It goes something like this with a lot more chatty talk on her end:

(her) “You’re doing great! Only about a half-mile more to home.”

(me) “Yep!”

(her) “Wanna have a salad together? I can make you a salad.”

(me) “No thanks, I feel a little sick.”

(her) “How about a smoothie? I have this awesome Herbalife mango protein shake mix.”

(me) “Maybe some water, I feel pukey.”

(her) “But you really should have some protein after running! It’s really good.”

(me) “Ok, but I feel like puking. Let’s slow down.”

But we did it, and it was so much nicer to work out with a friend. I did take Rose for a 25 minute walk later as she did an excellent dog guilt-trip act on me when I got home.

Small roadblocks overcome. I’m sure new hurdles will keep popping up, and I will keep bumbling over/under/through them in my peculiar style. Hopefully the itching and burning is on it’s way out and I will feel okay about wearing Western-style clothing soon.

Enjoy the long weekend! Get some great workouts in and enjoy the small things in life. Tonight that’s as simple as wings, fries and the new Trek with my son.


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