Back in the Saddle Again

The good thing is, when you’re in a slump, you can look around you and find all sorts of inspiration. Like the Miles2Give guys I mentioned in my last blog (, running across America to raise money for sarcoma research. If they can run 3,000 miles,  I can get back to my own dinky routine. When I see some of the kids and cancer patients they’ve visited, you know their days are often just focused on enough hope to get them through that day, and that they are thankful for every minute.

Another big source of inspiration: As of last night, SWIM BIKE MOM IS AN IRONMAN! I always want to say Ironwoman but apparently that’s just wrong. She is my favorite blogger and has a great book out on the perils, tribulations, and joys of getting into triathlons. Check out her funny blog and book here:

Cue corny country tune: I’m Back in the Saddle Again. Literally.

One week without Ballet Boy and I’ve found my single groove again. Keeping busy seems to be the answer, so this week was full of running, organizing my house and taking care of battling my garden (Mullberries 5, Amy 0).

It’s been overcast and threatening to rain this weekend, so I have been contemplating indoor exercise. Today it’s absolutely pouring, thundering and basically flash-flooding out, so I’m up late and sipping coffee while planning out my day.

Something Borrowed, Something Old Skool

I had a stroke of brilliance yesterday; Candy Ass is leaving for six weeks to teach in Italy and other exciting places, and I asked if I could borrow her Cyclops trainer for my bike. I’ve never been able to save up enough to get one, and I’ve been chugging along on my 15 year-old French stationary bike.

Small rant here: cycling equipment is PRICEY! I’ve had to slowly build up my collection of shorts, jerseys (thanks to my badass friend who’s given me one racing kit and many socks), and get shoes, tires and repair equipment for the road. I’d still like to buy a standing pump (I only have a hand-held), bike tights, gloves, jackets, etc. for the winter and a waterproof jacket. For the bargain hunters out there; buy at end of season sales at your local bike sale. I love Scheels and other big stores, but I really want my local bike stores to stay in business so I can continue to get expert advice on sales and repairs.

Candy Ass thought that was a good idea and I already gave it a test ride during an episode of Mad Men last night (nothing like watching people throwing back whisky and chain smoking to keep me pedaling as I imagine their arteries hardening up.) The only downside is that my cheap (ok, free as my bike friend gifted it to me) Cateye odometer works on the front tire, so I had to estimate my speed/distance. I need to find a solution to that. A cheap one, of course.

Today it’s POURING. I can go to the pool, which I might. Or I can pedal. OR, I can do both! So many choices.

The good news is that I finally feel like my ankle is to a point where I could run 5k at the end of a triathlon, so I started hunting online. I was beginning to feel a little weird about being Cellistwhotris who Couldn’t. I found a Sprint Triathlon only one hour away on August 4 that is for a great cause; Camp Courageous–a camp for physically and mentally challenged children. It turns out that a good friend is on the board of directors for Camp Courageous and has already offered to sponsor me.

So, it’s public. I haven’t registered yet, but I’m going to Try to Tri again!! The exercise routine is about to explode.

On a funny note, I played a solo cello gig for a wedding this weekend. While trying to keep out of the 90 degree heat and humidity before starting to play outside, I was hanging out by  in the reception lodge and saw pictures of the bride and groom. All on bikes. Lots with jerseys saying “Miller High Life.” My kind of people! After the ceremony a guy in sunglasses came up and told me how nice it sounded. It took me a few “duh” moments to realize that he was the President of the Iowa HEAT (endurance) club that I belong to. The bride later told me that she, the groom and attendants had all gone for a ride the morning of the wedding. What better way to de-stress?

Triathloners are all around us! It’s a small, big world indeed. Feed on them for inspiration, and get back in the saddle again!


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