Reunited and it Feels So Good!

My cello is home! After a seventh month stay in St. Paul in the expert hands of Jennifer Becker and her daughter Stephanie, who is learning the trade, my Caussin is finally repaired.

Pieces of the rib of my cello.

The repair is so beautifully seamless and magically done that you can’t imagine that I had splintered the rib falling forward in the pit. Jennifer mentioned they called the repair the Jigsaw Puzzle. No wonder!

Enjoy the before and after. Marvel at Jennifer’s craftsmanship. There are few people in the world who could make this repair look this wonderful!

Broken cello rib

And the best part? It sounds wonderful. Seeing Jennifer and Stephanie’s faces light up when we got the adjustment just right meant a lot. They have been working on little chips of wood, trying to piece the original bits of spruce from the 1860s from the Mirecourt region in France back together. They had never heard my cello sing until a few days ago, and it was like Pinocchio coming to life. That must be one of the best parts about being a luthier!

Rib repair!

Speaking of reunions, I’m down in Kansas City visiting my son for the weekend in the middle of his five week ballet intensive. We had some great food and just caught up last night. He’s so happy and being challenged on many levels. Tonight I reserved massages for both of us, but he gets ten minutes extra on his feet!

This morning he has a master class (a dance class with guest teachers) with members of the Joffrey and other major dance companies, so I went for a run. I felt great and was surprised to hear my time on the first mile, so I just kept going and found a lovely path along the river near the Plaza district. It was flat and shady, and for a while I imagined it was the Seine in Paris. But there were no bouquinistes, the little book sellers that set up shop along the Seine. Instead of dog poop I had to dodge duck droppings, but it was lovely and I had my best time and longest distance (4.5 miles) in a LONG time!

Feeling optimistic and warmed by all of these reunions. I hope my good vibrations rub off and you all have wonderful weekends!


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