Come on, we all have them.

Mine would be coffee. I was just reading about a detoxification spa that did not allow coffee. I think that would be the only way I could give it up. Lock me up. Hide the coffee. Pay to be punished.

In fact, look! I’m on cup #3. Maybe #4. Not sure. I know in small amounts it’s good for me, but probably not all day long.

Image¬†Speaking of addictions…today a funny friend commented on Facebook that Armstrong was going to try do RAGBRAI without pie. RAGBRAI ( is a week-long bike race across Iowa. It’s also a week long party, as each town provides pie, pork and other goodies so basically you can stop and eat every 10 miles. They change the course each year, and Lance has actually shown up for a few days the past few years to promote LIVESTRONG.

I admit; I’ve never done RAGBRAI. Not even a day. Lame-o. Maybe this year I’ll get my act together and ride a day. I’ve never been able to take a week off from working at that point (end of July). Maybe I’ll ride next to…the maillot jaune! Ok, former maillot jaune, stripped of all glory, etc. I still respect the guy (yep, I’m one of those) and would probably be excited to shake his hand. Or have him sign my jersey or something fan-girly like that.

No pie, but I bet he stocks up on some brewskies.Image No one can ride those Iowa hills without beer.

I’m doing well on the healthy eating and portion-sizing. Thanks to the apps Runkeeper and Myfitnesspal linking I’ve been able to track calories in and calories out easily. Yesterday I even ran home after dropping off my car to get repaired, and then biked back to get it later. Ok, it was only 3 miles away, but I could have called a friend…

Here’s lunch! I decided to combine all the watermelon salads I found online into one as I wanted all the ingredients: chopped watermelon, cucumber, feta cheese, tomato, basil and mint and arugula from my garden, black olives and a balsamic vinaigrette. I HATED watermelon as a child and now love it for the H20 and sweetness. My little detox has begun, but not sans cafe.



3 Replies to “Addictions”

  1. I thought eating pie was the whole point of RAGBRAI? I’ve only done it once (2011), and actually I found it a challenge to find REALLY GOOD, HOMEMADE pie. Lots of frozen pies, or “homemade” pies made from frozen pie crust & a can of goopy pie filing. But I did find two remarkable pieces of pie that week, one raspberry (made by the proprietress of a small restaurant who makes all her pies from scratch), and one rhubarb (that I found at a senior citizen center). Anyway, good pie and bad pie abound on the RAG.

    1. I have a feeling that being gluten-free would mean I would be very low carb all of Ragbrai. I mean, how many icky Larabars could I carry on me? And they would all have to be pie-flavored to keep my cravings down.

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