Yes she did…

Unbelievably, I just signed up for a 7 mile race. In less than 2 weeks from today.

It starts on a dam and ends at a brewery. And my gluten-free gut can’t even handle the beer at the end! But it just sounded like too much fun and the clincher was that my race entry was FREE because I had supported my local running store last week buying new shoes and socks.

At least a few of my friends are joining me. And I ran 5.18 last week so I just have to tack under 2 miles on to that, right?

Even when I was 20 pounds lighter and about 2 minutes faster/mile, I never did more than 6 miles. It’s about time: a few weeks from my 46th birthday.happy birthda

The guys at the running store were all about twenty-something, and in my mind, looked a little skeptical when I wrote down 7 miles on my registration form. They have no idea how strong the willpower of a single mom is, however.

I will kick this!

Who’s joining me?

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