Out of the frying pan…

…into the fire.

Shortly after I signed up for my 7 mile race, I did something to set off my peroneal tendonitis. I’ve only done two runs in about a week and a half. Much self-pity and self-control is being exercised. Hopefully I will be able to run next weekend!

In the meantime, my brother-in-law is in town and got me out on the road. We did a 25 mile out and back.

The good news: my bike left my basement and the comfort of my borrowed trainer and Netflix. Beautiful Iowa day, rolling (killer) hills and red barns.

The bad news: the hills kicked my butt. I was slow (13 mph pace)

The good news: I had a long talk with my brother-in-law and recovering Ironman. Recovering because he has a four year old and switched jobs a few years ago so has less time to train.

The good news: I made a great recovery smoothie of kale, celery, almonds, pumpkin seeds, vegan protein powder and lots of blueberries and chocolate almond milk to make it actually palatable.Image

The bad (and kinda good news): we’re going to the Amanas, a former German colony, for a family dinner, served “family” style. This means bowls of mashed potatoes, scalloped potatoes, cottage cheese, spaetzle, home made bread, home made pie, Wienerschnitzel–kind of a major carb heaven and gluten-free nightmare–for dinner. We’ve been going there since I was a baby and my sister realized her son had never been.

Good news: It was fun, I didn’t fall off my bike, and I kept going up a hill that was really kicking my ass. I had a little “Bad Amy, Good Amy,” talk in my head. “Why don’t we just get off and push the bike?” “You do  not have my permission to push your bike!” “I think we are going to wobble over…” “You’re not wobbling, pick it up…you’re half-way up the darn hill.” Etc…good thing no one heard that conversation and good thing Good Amy won. No pain no gain, and there was no walk of shame.

Bad news: There isn’t any more. Foot is in ice bucket, and life goes on. New goals at age 45: get some fall gear so I can ride outside longer and take some pictures of the beautiful late summer/early fall scenery.  (My brother-in-law had waited enough for me that I didn’t think he’d appreciate me snapping pictures of hay bales on a hill).

Have a good weekend and get outside, everyone!


2 Replies to “Out of the frying pan…”

  1. I just watched my 20-something nephew complete a half-marathon at 7:45 steady pace. As I watched all the very fit people older than my 40-something self, I cursed my high arches and aching ankles. And then I got on the treadmill and ran my rather measly 2.3 miles. But, in midlife, that is my half-marathon. Keep plugging away!

    1. The one thing running has taught me is a good life lesson: there will always be people ahead of you, but most often there will be some behind, too. As a musician I’ve learned that over and over again. I’m now trying to teach my son to only look at who he was yesterday and who he is today, with an eye on who he wants to be. There are many distractions to that vision and focus, but when I relax and stop comparing myself to others, I improve a lot more. I’m getting faster and there is hope I won’t be out there forever, under the blistering sun. Thanks for the encouragement! I love your dating stories. I’d almost given up on the white horse. 🙂

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