The best laid plans….

Today is a day of rest. I’m stretching, doing abs, going to the doctor, getting a facial and seeing a movie with my son tonight.

I’ve had to take quite a bit of time off to nurse my ankle. I have no idea if I set it off trying to work on speed on a short run, running downhill, building distance…it just got sore again. Yesterday I did a 2.6 mile run and it really feels okay. I’m hoping my time off just got my body ready to run tomorrow, as I am nervous yet excited about running my first 7 miles.

It will be very hot (85+ degrees and humid) and it’s an afternoon race. I’ve never raced at 3 p.m. before, but I think this has to do with it finishing at a brewery. I won’t even be enjoying a brew at the end as I doubt they have gluten-free beer, but it will be nice to be a part of the party. I’m sure most of the beer will be gone by the time I slide in. I’ve been going so slowly, about a 12 min pace, so I think I will feel lucky to come in under 1.5 hours.

Sometimes my ego wants to race. To be faster, to be one of the better ones. Then I remember at this time last year how I was flooded with doubts about whether I would ever be running again. I think of the Boston marathon victims, and wonder if any of them have recovered enough to run. I wonder if those with missing limbs have the perseverance and funds to be able to attempt to run or even walk. I saw a recent blog of someone who had run that and survived, but was still so traumatized by the sound of the blast at the finish that she was afraid to sign up for another race. She is still running.

I am strong. I am fortunate. I can do it (powered by many gatorade stops).

So today I’m guzzling water, and I just printed out Hal Higdon’s Novice 1 1/2 Marathon plan. What am I thinking? I would like to do a local one on Oct.20. That gives me 8 weeks to see what my ankle can accomplish.

I will listen to my body, cross-train, and remain optimistic.

In the meantime, I have a doctor’s appointment and feel for the poor woman who is going to see me this morning. I have a list of questions, documentation from MyFitnessPal on my nutritional intake (I’m low iron and potassium) and a web printout about why just looking at TSH numbers might not be good enough to treat hypothyroidism. She may want to run away, but I would like some answers about why I’m not losing weight on a 2, 300 calorie (or less) per day diet and working out constantly. And I’ve been overestimating my food portions!

We’ll see if I get some answers. I’m pretty sure I will walk, crawl or roll to the finish of the Dam Pocket Brewery tomorrow, but injury prevention will be foremost in my mind. I wish it didn’t start with a steep downhill as that is actually the worst on my ankle (and I’m prone to tripping and falling flat on my face.)

Send some love to Rose who will be sitting this race out. No dogs invited (not that I ever take her to a race anyway.)


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