Eggplant, are you kidding?

Did I ever say I run to eat? Or I run SO I can eat?

In spite of my frustrations with my gut and my thyroid, I’ve stuck to a really healthy diet for the past few years. Most days I have way over the daily dose of fiber. Most of that comes from my garden, I’m happy to say. I will sorely miss my home grown kale, cucumbers and lettuce this winter. I’ve even been throwing dandelions from the yard into my smoothies as they are a natural diuretic. 

Frustrated with the fact that I’m getting fitter yet not losing weight,  I did get my doctor on Thursday to actually run more than a T4 reflex test. If i’ve understood it, T4 only measures whether your brain is telling your thyroid to produce the hormones that control metabolism, hot and cold, etc. T3 measures whether your thyroid is actually kicking in. In past tests, they’ve only done a t4 reflex test, but when I told my new doctor that I didn’t feel better, that I’ve been logging 1300 calories and am even in deficit from exercising some days yet still not losing weight, she decided to do a full test. Hooray! She’s also testing for anemia, iron levels and vitamin K. More on that when results are in. Which should be now…grrr. I also did a mammography that day. Ow. And I got a facial, which should have been really pleasant but having someone else squeeze your blackheads is not cool. 


Tonight I saw that I had a beautiful eggplant that had grown  in my humble little patch. In fact, there are four on their way. I basically planted them since they are pretty and purple. How lame is that? ImageEver since I have been a child, I’ve hated eggplant. Especially in ratatouille, so don’t try that one on me. It makes me literally gag. And I lived eleven years in Southern France, home to la ratatouille.

Rough. My mom often made it just boiled or baked or plain. Icky yucky blech.

So tonight I decided I needed to pamper this eggplant. I scoured for ways to disguise it into a delicious meal. I wanted to celebrate the 4.25 mile run I did in 87 degree humid Iowa weather this morning, at a much brisker-than-Saturday- under 12 minute pace! I even wrote a second thank you note to my physical therapist, thanking him for helping me get to this point, for never giving up on the idea of getting me back in running shoes and believing I could do it. He wrote back that it was words like that which made his job worth it. Please thank those that help you!

But back to eggplant. The result was…well, let’s just say I’m excited about having eggplant in the garden for our household’s new “pescatararian” regime. If you have a favorite low fat recipe, send it this way!

I used Mario Batali’s recipe, but substituted goat’s cheese for mozza and used gluten-free Schar bread crumbs.

Devine. Ballet Boy asked for more, but there was none.Image


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