If You Give a Single Mom Some Cote Du Rhone…

One of my favorite books when I majored in French at Oberlin College was Queneau’s “Exercices de Style.”

In that espritthis is written in the style of “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie…” by Laura Numeroff.

If you haven’t read to a kindergartner lately, this may all seem like Greek, or French…

If give a single mom a bottle of Cote de Rhone, don’t expect her to not open it. Especially after the crazy week she’s had.Image

She may decide she needs some chips to go with it. Especially after she finds out there is no yeast to make the gluten-free pizza that she’s been craving all day.


And if she has to give up and make primavera pasta instead, forgive her if she is grouchy, for she may have had a roller coaster of a week. She may have learned that she does not have cancer after all, in spite of an original mammogram that showed an 8 mm “unidentified mass.”Image








And if she was pretty elated at that news, she may have been disappointed the next day when her Ex decided to send her blood pressure sky high again by being petty and annoying all the way across the ocean from France. ImageImage

But that might remind her why she got divorced in the first place.

And even if a few good runs and venting to friends didn’t help, there is always that glass of wine.

Now where are the chips?


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