I may or may not have shown up to pick up Ballet Boy in my “I Run for Wine” headband last night.

One of the dance moms thought I was going to pass out. True, it was almost 100 degrees out. I had put off running all day so 7:30 p.m. seemed like an okay time to do that. I was supposed to run 4.5 on my Hal Higdon training plan, but he doesn’t know anything about Iowa weather.

I haven’t renewed my gym pass for financial reasons and am stubbornly trying to do my runs outdoors. It will cool off sometime this week. Saturday morning I set off to run 4 miles and did 7.4! I tried out my new Nathan water belt, dodged drunken Hawkeye fans and had a really good run at a 12 min. pace, so much faster than the Backpocket Dam Race. My times are closer to 11 on shorter runs, and I know I will gradually get my 5k back under 30 minutes.  

I’m finding myself exhausted as the school year starts up and needing way more naps than usual. This morning I gave up and went back to sleep after Ballet Boy was off to school. As a musician, I rehearsed all weekend and played an outdoor concert. For the record, I don’t really recommend doing a long run if you don’t have time for a nap. Sitting for 5 hours was agony after that, even if I had Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff to distract me.

Most nights I teach around my son’s dance schedule and often I have evening rehearsals with a half-hour commute on both ends. This leaves mornings to do house work, laundry, get groceries, and other appointments. Today was a total crash.

Last night Ballet Boy and I decided to eat a late dinner instead of trying to squeeze one in during his 1 hour break between ballet and jazz. I prepared some spaghetti squash from my garden and did shrimp scampi at the last minute.I seriously think this is one of the easiest meals and most delicious I’ve prepared in a long time! Sometimes it’s worth the wait, and it was definitely a good thing I got a run in last night even if I was a hot mess afterward.

Shrimp Scampi with spaghetti squash

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