Taper worm!

One week until my first half-marathon.

Sometimes when I tell people I’m going to run a half-marathon I feel as if I’m talking about someone else.

Today I’m filled with self-doubt. Have I trained correctly? Will I have to walk the last 3 miles? Can I get the nutrition/hydration right?

I have some good reasons to have these doubts. On my 10 miler last weekend, I did NOT get the nutrition right. The first 5 miles went well at an 11 minute pace in spite of some killer hills. I stopped, used a public park bathroom, drank some Nuun I had in my waist-bottles, refilled with water and ate a Gu at that point.

But the rest of the run, especially miles 8 and 9, were really hard.

I had toe cramps and lots of cramping in my feet/hands when I got home, so I figured I’d messed up on the electrolytes. I made a call out to friends on Facebook who do long distance and learned that Nuun is better as a before and after, not during drink. I learned that I do need to hydrate/consume electrolytes BEFORE I go out. Duh. Coffee was not a good idea, even though I sipped some water that morning, too.Image

So, now I am armed with some new stuff to try. A local running store, We Run, recommends this Tyr drink while running for the carbs and caffeine, along with electrolytes. I’m going to try and do a big run again tomorrow and take it very easy the rest of the week.

It will just be my brain and I, duking it out over whether I can pull this out. And my bum ankle.


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