It took a while to sink in today, but I realized I have an actual weekend.

Musicians don’t have weekends. We have workends. Two workends ago I spent 5 hours on Sunday rehearsing Beethoven’s seventh symphony. Last workend I performed Friday night, Saturday night and drove 5 hours on Sunday for a run-out concert. We continued that set into last week, performing children’s outreach concerts.

Yesterday I counted my work hours: 9.5 hours teaching, followed by a request when I got home to score for Pearson. Needless to say, there has been no laundry or housework done this week, and very little exercise apart walking the dog.

Basically there is NO end. No week beginning or end. The_Lost_Weekend_posterSo, it’s kind of a nice surprise that the cycle is coming to a screeching halt today. I’m living it up this Friday by doing two things I love: observing Ballet Boy dance and toss girls in the air (his words) and going to the gym with Candy Ass. I decided it’s time to sign up, because I’ve really missed weight-lifting and the Expresso bikes at the UI Wellness and Recreation Center, not to mention their amazing new swimming pool. It’s time to kick it into high gear again.

And there’s more fun and games and seeing of wonderful people on the books for tomorrow, plus a trip Sunday to Des Moines to see Jennifer Becker, who put Humpty Dumpty (my cello) back together again. Sometimes cellos need their own kind of chiropractor, and she’s going to adjust my instrument so it sounds fabulous for my next set.Holiday Season is upon us, and it will be Holiday Pops and Nutcracker-ing for the next month’s workends.

Have a great weekend, friends! Get out there and enjoy life. If you’re having a workend, my deepest sympathies….weekend-fun


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