Monday Muffins: Banana-Chocolate Gluten Free

Monday Muffins are back! Now that my college-teaching and orchestra season are both over for a few months, it’s time to focus on reality. My garden. My training. Food. More food.

As you may have noticed, my Monday Muffin series is not as much about creating my own recipes as testing, tasting and often modifying (sometimes on purpose, many times by accident or omittance) other wonderful chef’s recipes that I find online or in books.


Today I decided that my brain was only going to process bits and pieces. After waking up with my son, I tried to do some online work for Pearson and was going to have to turn to tech support for some issues. Instead, I ended up back in bed, hunkered down with my shaggy mutt who was terrified of a major Iowa thunderstorm rolling through. I dreamt of hiding in a basement with my mother and son, thinking we were riding out a bad storm but then realizing that we were actually being bombed by some unknown enemy.

I’m not disturbed or anything.

Since I’m still moving slowly, some “healthy” chocolate muffins seems like the perfect treat for Ballet Boy for after school and pre-dance. No dairy, no butter…coconut oil, almond and coconut flours, and lots and lots of chocolate. I used Costco chocolate chips.

I did NOT weigh the flours as the blogger said you should. Bad Amy. I don’t have a scale, so hopefully the lumpy bumpy batter will produce something awesome.

Here is the recipe:

My apologies to author for not following instructions. They look yummy…but I will let Ballet Boy be the judge. Sometimes I feel so bakery-item-deprived as a gluten intolerant–too much so to be objective! If they are good, I will send some to my son’s ballet teachers who work so hard and eat on the fly. If they are not good, well, there will be some in three days when the Brewmaster gets back from teaching in Missouri.




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