Old dogs, old tricks

Old dogs. Such old dogs we are. The Brewmaster is moving in and we have been doing some Major Projects. He rebuilt my deck, built a shelf in my kitchen for my cookbooks (after trying to convince me that I can do it all online), and built shelves for the basement to put stuff away on. For starters. Ballet Boy even joined the fun and donated most of his old Legos and toys that he has NO TIME for since he is dancing pretty much 20 hours a week when he is not in school.

But I bristled a few times at suggested changes,  like sound-proofing our teaching spaces so we can both teach at the same time. This has been my home for 12 years, and I already have issues with my students and their parents stomping through my house. Add another set on and it will feel like a music school. We can work out opposite teaching schedules. We can make it all work. Mostly I’m so grateful to have someone at my side, helping me with projects, dreams and there to pick me up when I’m down.

Do you know how old it is to teach an old dog new tricks? Well, try just getting a couple of old dogs to do anything. Old or new. It’s not easy.

I’ve been feeling so old as I try to start working out while on vacation last week. I’ve gained so much weight that my last run felt like I had a little kangaroo baby with me. “Roo” was jiggling away. I started a little litany in my head of everything that I had eaten on vacation that was not helping, “Chocolate fudge thingies, s’more thingies, brat thingies, G and T thingies…” It was a very unpleasant run, only improved by some really nice guys I met along the hilly route around local lakes. Like the one in the “Walleye Grampa” t-shirt that leered at me and a pick up truck that heckled me as I turned around at the local bar, Zhateau Zorba. For years it was good ol’ Chateau Paulette’s, with different bands playing every night. Now it is Zhateau Zorba.  Zorba’s sports a live dj and dancing on Zaturdays. Zats all cool. I decided to highlight it back to the cabin for more wine thingies to add to my little food pack around the waist.

10333332_10152209800761025_1866775882748130759_oBut really, how many times do I have to start over on my exercise? Can I not learn the lesson? Nope, Old Dogs can’t learn even old tricks. I should really know by now how painful it is to start over. I met lots of turtles on my one week vacation to MN, but none as slow as me.

10451008_10152205916206025_3587068252356053368_nBut I am revelling in the thrill of pushing myself back into shape.I had a great bike ride and an ok run on vacation, and did a lot of kayaking and canoeing. It was way too cold to swim without a wet suit. The lake made for an awesome mega ice bath for my foot/ankle post running. 10476397_10152207825226025_8214929332008904220_n

I got all excited about swimming today, packed my bag and went to the local indoor pool. The outdoor opened yesterday pretty late in the season due to leaks and a lot of work that had been done, but I wasn’t ready for the long pool and no lane markers. I needed a good calm swim. I should have known getting out of the car and seeing all the happy kids coming out that it was swim lesson season. When I got in and was told there were lessons for two more hours I was crushed as I had a busy teaching day ahead. When I got home I’m proud to say I got my running gear on and went out in the 91 degree heat and humidity. It was not pretty, but it happened. I really hope to swim tomorrow since I DON’T have lessons to teach.

There was a small moment of panic this week when I realized I am doing a triathlon in August that I’ve paid for. I thought for a moment that all my friends that are going along had signed up for a half-Ironman. I actually truly believe myself capable of one if I can get out of my slump, but right now I’ll be happy to survive a sprint distance (which is what the Pleasant Prairie Irongirl is, after all.) I also plan to run another half-marathon in the fall. Onto the next workout!

Speaking of Old Dogs: my Rosie is 8 1/2. She got 5 ticks on this trip. About the same count as the guys. Fortunately the Frontline took care of them as she’s had both Lyme’s and now just got diagnosed as a carrier of Anaplasmosis, another tick-bearing disease. Old dogs, lots of ticks. 10363129_10152210420126025_4066113961215411067_n



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