Nervous I am, Strong I will be

Nervous. I am.

Iron Girl Pleasant Prairie is in 2 days. I have my list of everything I need to remember, organized by transitions and type of activity. It’s a long way from home (4.5 hour trip) if I forget something.

I’m dealing with my nerves on two levels: things I can do something about and things I have no control over.

Things I can control:

  • My stuff (hence the list)
  • Cleaning my bike and chain
  • Using allergy medicine and inhalers to limit my asthma
  • Bringing gluten-free food with me
  • Being nice to my support team (the Brewmaster)
  • Stretching and hydrating
  • Breathing and kicking during the swim
  • Taking time at transitions to think
  • Running as fast as my training will allow me

Things I can’t control:

  • The weather (which is going to be optimal at 77 degrees and sunny)
  • My ankle/knee/arch/hip pains
  • The splashing and waves in the water

Look which list is longer!The Things I Can Control!!

I know I need to trust my training and that I can’t do more than where I am, but it’s hard to not want to be faster in the water and in my run.

We did a quick trip back up to Minnesota and I swam 1/2 mile EVERY day for three days straight. The first day was choppy and it was really rough swimming. I recruited my niece to swim (she is a 17 year-old competitive swimmer and left us all in her wake even though she blew quite far off course), and various family members.10320475_10152311741531025_8517888576609096224_n

The last day I swam alone, but the lake was glassy and calm. I felt like my breathing was awful from allergies, but the Brewmaster said I was much faster. He kindly was the support crew, trying to balance a group of swimmers with three different speed levels. He looked a bit grim after the first day since he had to keep my fast niece on track as well as check to see if I had swallowed the lake and gone down.

Swam from dock to  the point of the bay across and back three days!
Swam from dock to the point of the bay across and back three days!

I still don’t own a wetsuit, which certainly might help me float. The Brewmaster noted that my “back end wasn’t doing much” for me on my first swim, so I need to focus on my kick so that my rear end isn’t just dead weight. The water will probably be too warm in Wisconsin this weekend to wear one, however, so I’m glad I’m used to training without one.

Finally the water is perfect for an open swim!
Finally the water is perfect for an open swim!

Coming home from the Lake we missed our “healthy” food exit and ended up with only Taco Johns or KFC as an option. These are not happy gluten-free options and the expression on the teen’s face working at KFC was priceless when I asked if they had anything that wasn’t deep fat-fried.

We had Taco John’s and I’ve been paying for it ever since. I had never eaten there, being the health food addict I am, and I’ve decided it’s some kind of spicy dog food in disguise.

So today I am making Quinoa Blueberry Lemon Muffins to take on the trip. I love quinoa but the Brewmaster claims it wreaks havoc on his digestive system. With some luck the flour will be easier, or he can just abstain and leave them to me. They look delicious and will have a lot of good protein and slow-burning carbs to fuel my race. For once I followed the directions, only substituting blueberry Kefir for the buttermilk.

Blueberry Quinoa muffins hot out of the oven
Blueberry Quinoa muffins hot out of the oven

I’m eager to get to my race and meet up with the five other women on Team Turtle. We are racing in memory of one woman’s friend Paul who lost a battle to cancer. I know I will survive, but I also would love to beat my first sprint tri time of 1 hour 51 minutes. That was a 500 yard swim, 18 mile bike, 5k run. The Irongirl is a 880 yard swim, 12 mile bike and 5k run, so that may affect my times, but since it won’t be raining, I hope my bike time will compensate for my slow swimming! Only time will tell.

Enjoy the beautiful end of summer weather, and get out there and tri!

Strong. I. Will. Be.


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