Goal keeping

Today I was sipping coffee around 8 a.m., thinking about a group of friends I have doing the “Pigman” triathlon series in Palo, Iowa. Many of them are doing a Half-Ironman, or 70.3 miles today. I couldn’t help thinking back to a week ago when I was struggling through my first real tri (not counting indoors) in several years, but I was primarily look forward to a bike ride with Ironcelloman who offered to go out on the “Sugarbottom loop”, a very hilly route that heads north from my house through the rolling country hills around the dam on the local reservoir. However, mainly I was very excited that Ballet Boy is finally on his way home today from one month at a dance conservatory in Florida followed by an immediate month in Southern France with his father.

Different jitters than my pre-race. Happy jitters!

Top of the hill after lots of construction. Tired? Glad to not have gotten side-swiped!
Top of the hill after lots of construction. Tired? Glad to not have gotten side-swiped!

We had a wonderful bike ride, in spite of a nasty construction zone with lots of cones. Early Sunday morning is probably the best time to attempt such a route. Ironcelloman got up the hills a lot faster and snapped some good pics.

It was fun to see a group of 200 cyclists riding in the opposite direction: they had done a big ride from Hiawatha, Iowa, to Riverside (home of a Casino) and were on their second day of fund-raising for cycling north of Cedar Rapids. I hope they influence the construction of the Cedar Valley Bike trail between Iowa City and Ely, Iowa, where the trail dies. If that’s completed, we could ride almost 100 miles!

This week I took a day off, swam once and then got into some major painting projects with the Brewmaster. He doesn’t joke around; when I told him that I’ve always dreamed of changing the bleak white walls of my basement into something cosier, he was on it. We are a great team; he does most of the cutting in and trim since I am a spazz, and I follow him with the roller. I did some cutting in, but mostly it was him. I did most of the sorting of junk and putting things out of the way so we could actually paint. I made some messes (think dripping and spattering paint), and he patiently cleaned up after me with a kind word or joke.

Mostly I took time off to rest my foot, which intermittently feels great and then will hurt. I’m anxious to see the doctors at the University of Iowa Sport’s Medicine and, more importantly, a therapist. 

Because I REALLY want to do a half-marathon this fall, or maybe two. I’d like to start training for an Olympic Triathlon, and I’ve been having funny twinges of “Maybe I Could Do a Half-Ironman, TOO!” Yikes. Honestly, after seeing me compared to the other ladies last week, the Brewmaster went from saying “You’re nuts” to “You’re still nuts, but I bet you could do a Half-Ironman!”

So, cross you’re fingers that this arch pain I have is something like plantar fasciitis and treatable, and not a stress fracture. In the meantime, I’ll keep making some little goals and working on my swim/bike. 

Gorgeous Iowa Countryside
Gorgeous Iowa Countryside

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