Monday Muffins: Gluten Free Vegan Banana Almond

Today I had some sugar cravings even after eating a good breakfast of 2 scrambled eggs with spinach, so I googled some banana muffin recipes.

I came across this one and was intrigued by using flax instead of egg since that is one supplement I have been trying to incorporate into my diet to reduce breast pain and bloating in this lovely stage of my life called perimenopause.

I whipped these up and stuck them in the oven while I put my yoga DVD on. I was already a little giggly before I started because in graduate school there was a Brazilian guy who couldn’t pronounce “focus.” It came out something close to, “Guyz, we really need to Fuck-us!” My “focus” got worse because my Gaiam A.M. Focus session was led by a toned guy with a long braid lying in the sand on one of Hawaii’s gorgeous beaches….in a Speedo! I wasn’t quite expecting that.

Honestly, I like this DVD as it is slow and uses a lot of meditation as well as slow careful movements that I know loosen up my hips and back, which are generally very tight from cello, running, biking (leaning over the handles) and swimming.

The muffins turned out ok, but I wished I had not spread out the batter to 8 jumbo cups and just made 6 as it didn’t rise very much. I took the author’s advice and added some home made peanut butter (no sugar) and raw honey made by my friend who I will call GPS (because she often gets lost). I swear that her honey cured my son’s sore throat this weekend in two days! The antibiotic/antiseptic properties of honey are scientifically proven and true.

The result was sort of like a warm, soft oatcake. Really delicious! Happy Monday, everyone. Breathe and stretch, and enjoy Fall and the beautiful colors on the maple trees.

Gluten Free Vegan Banana Almond muffin with honey and natural peanut butter
Gluten Free Vegan Banana Almond muffin with honey and natural peanut butter

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