The Nitty Gritty

Finally we got to the bottom of it. My foot, that is. Gray442

My physical therapist discovered last Wednesday just how tight my calf muscle is. In fact, he brought on so much pain massaging it that I was whimpering. Auriel is usually a pretty funny guy, but that day I wasn’t laughing. At all.

The next day I felt better. I wasn’t sure if it was the Iontophoresis (small cortisone patch with electric or ionic diffusion) or the massage. But I was slightly better.

Today I told him that my plantar fasciitis felt little less horrible. His response? To go even harder on my calf. “Dude, I’m scaring all the other patients!” I cried. He laughed.

My flexor hallucis longus is NOT happy

Auriel did show me some neat pictures. He taught me about this muscle that wraps around my calf down to my foot, right where I’m feeling pain. Usually plantar fasciitis is caused by some sort of muscle or tendon tightness that causes the bottom of the foot to contract.

Great! I can add “Inflexible” to my self-descriptive words. After reading more about flexor hallucis longus pain, I wouldn’t be surprised if I have flexor hallucis longus tendonitis. But I’ll leave that up the experts and keep doing yoga, stretching and icing it.

I can tell you that I was in a lot of pain after that massage riding my bike home and up a small hill. My idea of going out to see the Brewmaster at the brewery which is about 10 miles out from my house was squashed. Pain. So much pain.

It’s 80 degrees almost, sunny, and the leaves are all turning color. I can’t wait to get out on the road and see the beautiful Iowa countryside in its fall splendor. But that is not for today. After lunch with Ibuprofen, I put on my orthopedic boot and hobbled around the grocery store. I bought stuff to make gluten-free pumpkin bars. Don’t put pumpkin spice in my drinks and don’t shower me with autumnal candles, but I do love some seasonal food.

Gluten free pumpkin bars
Gluten free pumpkin bars

They turned out really yummy, and I hope they will cheer up Ballet Boy who is also having foot pain today. It’s time to mama-fy and mummify (I’m going to wrap his foot before dance). If you have a lot of GF flours on hand, it’s a great recipe!


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