5 Reasons I’m Becoming Grandma

My Grandmother was a strong, beautiful woman. After my granddad died, she continued to have boyfriends, go out dancing and have bridge/cocktail parties. She walked at least a mile everyday up at our cabin, and frequently swam every day in the lake. All with macular degeneration (legally blind). and often alone.

So don’t get me wrong, I’m not unhappy about becoming Grandma. I’m just puzzled it’s happening so quickly.At age 47. In Grandma’s later life, I remember her teaching me how to apply nail polish and lipstick. This was a big deal since I was not allowed to wear makeup at home. In turn, I would take her shopping; she loved to coordinate her dangling earrings with her outfits and she couldn’t see well enough to choose the right colors.

There IS a strong family resemblance.

Me, as an undergrad
Me, as an undergrad
Grandma is in the upper left hand corner of this photo. 9 siblings!
Grandma is in the upper left hand corner of this photo. 9 siblings!

The thing is, I’m kind of embracing this stage of my life as a little inevitable, and a little enviable. My Grandma was attractive, strong as an ox and she lived a good long life. What more could I ask for?

Without further ado, here are the 5 Reasons I’m Becoming My Grandma:

  1. This is breakfast:

photo 2 (10)

moo moo
Moo Moo

2. All I want to wear all the time are Cuddl Duds. Although Cuddl Duds are OBVIOUSLY loungewear, they now have a “Work” section on their website. Yes! Let’s all wear leisure wear at work! Elastic waistbands, leggings, long sweaters and thermal undershirts. I’m in. Or I could just wear Athleta ALL the time. This would be the modern day equivalent of my Grandmothers Moo Moo, which she wore all the time at home. If you don’t know what a Moo Moo is, it is sort of like a hippie tent dress, I’m assuming inspired by someone’s trip to Hawaii in the 60’s.

Cuddl Duds for work!
Cuddl Duds for work!

3. When I get out of bed in the morning, everything hurts. My hips crack, my plantar fasciitis kills me, my neck is sore and I can’t open my eyes. As if decaf coffee is going to change this! Which is why you can refer back to my breakfast on No.1.

4. I shuffle instead of walking. Okay, this might be due to the plantar fasciitis (which is NOT rapidly improving). I swear I was using my grocery cart as a walker at Costco yesterday. My grandmother had a cane or walking stick, but she was blind. I can see, supposedly. I still run into things.

5. Recently I purchased bras that were the most comfortable, best-fitting design ever. The nurse at the Breast Clinic suggested this. We’re talking full coverage, wide straps and a full fitting at Dillard’s. I found out that I had gone up two cup sizes. Goodness! They were the most expensive by far,  but they were also possibly the least sexy I’ve ever bought. And you know what? I don’t care! What’s next? Spanx, I guess.

Wacoal! Pretty, functional, but not the height of sexy.
Wacoal! Pretty, functional, but not the height of sexy.

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