Usually the last day of year is one of looking backwards, assessing and anticipating changes for the New Year.

Today has been the opposite for me. I’ve felt stopped in my tracks. Nothing has happened as planned, and I found myself constantly having to reign in feelings of frustration.

When my son was too tired to come to yoga flow this morning with me, I was so disappointed. Of course, it doesn’t matter, but just like he was eager to share the torture of his reformer pilates for ballet class with me, I thought he might like yoga flow which combines very little tai chi with pilates and yoga.

When I got to the gym and there WAS no yoga flow because it is New Year’s Eve, I jumped on a bike even though that was what I had done yesterday. I cycled 50 minutes in high gear, sweating out my disappointment at not being able to stretch and flex my muscles instead. Then I did a 1 minute plank, push ups and some odd obliques torture maching.

Then I waited, and waited. The Brewmaster had cycled for 30 minutes, as well, and then went to swim and use the hot tub. I actually swam 40 mins on Sunday and wondered why I had avoided it for so long! That day I encourage the Brewmaster just to fix short goals of 5 or 10 laps, with as many rests in between as possible.

After we had been at the gym for about 1.5 hours, my worrisome nature got the best of me and I went to make sure he hadn’t had a heart attack in the hot tub, but he wasn’t to be found. I was actually peaceful at this point with the idea that he was getting in a great workout.

It turned out that he decided to swim as long as the little old lady in the middle lane. Little did he suspect that she was a regular swimmer and he ended up swimming 35 minutes, after his bike ride of 11 miles.

Will we make a triathlete of him yet?

After that we went and picked up Ballet Boy. I was feeling low sugar and incapable of preparing food, so we went to Village Inn. And waited and waited for our food as it was “Free pie” day and the restaurant was crowded.

After that adventure and a pretty icky iceberg lettuce salad we all came home. The guys got on their phones and every time I tried to start a conversation I was greeted with silence. I finally gave up and took a nap before teaching a few private students. I awoke refreshed and decided to make some gluten-free chocolate cupcakes for tonight.

I tried to frost the cupcakes using a ziploc bag as a pipette since I don’t own one. It looked so easy on You Tube. My wonderful chocolate buttercream frosting with melted dark chocolate in it ended up looking like poop. I ended up just spreading the rest, but I saved it as I know my girlfriends at the NYE party tonight will laugh with (57)

I am not crafty. I accept that. Acceptance may just be my New Year’s Resolution. I want to accept who I am, accept that my guys may not always have the same plans or needs as I do, accept my clumsiness and accept my ups and downs in my training.

This is much easier than resolving to lose 10 pounds.

Or not…patience is not my forte, nor is self-acceptance. But I think it is a damn good resolution!



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