Transitioning: Week One on the Autoimmune Protocol Diet

No sugar. No grains. No dairy. Day 6. I thought I would be a very grumpy Mama Bear at this point.


Instead, I feel more clear-headed and energetic than in months. This could be a sort of Holier-Than-Thou placebo affect. I’m giving up all these things like caffeine and sugar that are known to be bad for you. It is extreme, but with considerable planning and cooking on my part, it is going just fine.

Breakfast of roasted parsnips, turnips, carrots and sweet potato with blueberry maple sausage patties, plus chicory drink!
Breakfast of roasted parsnips, turnips, carrots and sweet potato with blueberry maple sausage patties, plus chicory drink!

Breakfasts take the most thought. I roasted a huge pan of butternut squash mixed with sweet potatoes and carrot chunks and served it up to the guys for dinner, saving the rest for breakfasts.

Breakfast of sweet potato and brussel sprouts with bacon
Breakfast of sweet potato and brussel sprouts with bacon

I’ve cooked two organic chickens this week, one which I split with the family and finished for breakfast or on salads, another that has provided several pre-made meals.

I alternate chicken and vegetables with grass-fed hamburger patties, delicious salads and fish.

I’m not missing alcohol half as much as I thought. I miss snacks, like an occasional power bar, and have grown to adore my two fruits a day that feel like crack as it is more sweetness than I can almost handle being off sugar.

I’m on attempt two of making coconut yogurt. The first batch I ignored the warning that boxed coconut milk wouldn’t do the trick.It tasted like really yeasty kefir and I ended up throwing it all out.

I eventually ordered 12 cans of BPA free, all natural (no guar gum or stabilizers added) canned coconut milk and tried another batch yesterday. The verdict is to come, but I think I need to go ahead and order a vegan gelatin to add in to thicken it a bit. I also ordered roasted chicory root and dandelion root in bulk on Amazon which I combine to make a delicious breakfast beverage that rivals coffee. (note “rivals,” not “replaces.”)

Today is proving trying. My doctor ordered a glucose test partially to determine whether I have a small intestine bacterial infection that needs treating. Tomorrow I will breathe in a bag every 15 minutes for two hours at one of the University of Iowa Health Clinics. The prep is icky: I can only have boiled/baked chicken and fish today, white bread and white rice. Since I’ve given up the last two, it is a high protein extremely bland diet to follow. I also have a concert and am travelling, so I feel like it is a hard day to not have energy-giving carbs. I miss my veggies and fruits dearly! But it is only one day and a good reminder that many people on our planet would be thrilled to have the poultry I can eat.

Where's the color?
Where’s the color?

Tomorrow, after the test,  I will be back to my more innovative cooking. I ordered Mickey Trescott’s “Autoimmune Paleo Diet Cookbook” and it is a marvelous resource. It includes menus, shopping lists and fun recipes like the cauliflower “fried rice” pictured below, given a thumbs up from my whole family! (Interested in ordering? I’m not rewarded for this endorsement, just a fan!

Chicken and cauliflower "fried rice"
Chicken and cauliflower “fried rice”

More to come on the physical transformations on this protocol. One week is hardly enough to change dramatically, but hopefully my immune system is feeling soothed by all the goodness and love I’m sending its way.


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